But this is a very simple and straightforward argument. Why? Because you will be forced to focus on yourself.

Through this argument you will be trapped to argue with yourself. I reveal a very trivial thing, which is close to us.

If you dream of talking to a something, this the fact that you have spoken to something mimicking artificial intelligence. Was it from you? Or was it a figure made by you? Who made this intelligent figure? You? Or the thing?

  • Answered … “when dreaming were you consciously ?”
  • Answered … "when you dream of talking, did you realize it?"
  • Answered … “if so, then whether you never dreamed before or you weren’t aware?
  • Answered … "This has nothing to do with the nervous system, but it’s about a sign of intelligence."

And if you reject the sign of intelligence wherever it was found, then it’s time for you to face your own rebuttal

Or … is intelligence a product of nature, a coincidence? If intelligence is the product of coincidence, then it is a questionable intelligence, and then, why would you rely on someone with unstable intelligence?

The point is …



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